Numafung (2001) Movie Review: Excellent Story Telling

The drama Numafung is a pure illustration of Limbu culture and society, particularly the women’s marriage and misery. Nabin Subba crafted a brilliant movie that focuses on the true nature of an erroneous community norm. Incredible flick!

Numafung Movie

Numafung Movie Story

Numa (Anupama Subba) lives peacefully with her parents, grandmother, and younger sibling, Lojina (Niwahangwa Limbu) in a tiny Limbu community. The family is setting up the daughter’s marriage now that the oldest daughter of the house, Numa, is ready for marriage. Ojahang (Alok Nembang) and his people visit Numa’s family one day to seek permission for a marriage proposal. If Ojahang wishes to marry Numa, her father requests sufficient money and gold from Ojahang, and his relatives organize everything on his behalf. With everything being arranged, they happily marry¬†and start a new chapter of their life.

Everything is going perfectly between Ojahang and Numa, who are enjoying the time of their lives. Both are the cutest and prettiest couple in the village. They were also anticipating a child soon as an affirmation of love. When Ojhang is hit by a wood log, he frequently becomes sick and unconscious. Ojhang suffered severely during the Dashain celebration and eventually died. Within a short period of her marriage, this renders Numa weak and pitied. She couldn’t be as pleased as she used to be. She slips in the path one day while bringing water in a pot, and as a result, she has a miscarriage. And, Numa is completely broken.

Numa returns home from her in-laws after all of these incidents. She is now living with her own family and performing all of the housework. Girihang (Prem Subba), one of the wealthy men from another village, comes to Numa’s house one day to inquire about a marriage proposal. Numa’s family accepts the marriage proposal despite the daughter’s objections because Girihang offers an adequate amount for the marriage. When Numa moves to a new household, she discovers that her new husband is arrogant, drunk, and hostile, which causes her to suffer more than anything else.

Numafung Movie Cast & Performance

Anupama Subba (Numa) is the primary protagonist in the film, and the entire story revolves around her. Anupama’s work in the film Numafung is entirely commendable and notable. She performs so well that the audience is moved to tears as we follow her through her life. When her life falls apart and she is left alone, the viewer empathizes totally. Anupama Subba delivers a powerful performance. It was amazing.

Prem Subba (Girihang) plays the antagonist in the picture. Because the character comes from a wealthy family, he has no feelings for kindness other than arrogance and aggression. The best aspect is that Prem Subba played the character effortlessly, exhibiting the entire potential that sparks the storyline in the motion picture. His dialogue and screen presence create a disturbing sense, yet his great acting makes the drama intriguing. Excellent work!

Numafung Movie cast 2001

Niwahangwa Limbu (Lojina) is a genuinely warm sweetheart with exceptional performance. Niwahangwa is Anupama Subba’s younger sister in the story. She is the film’s youngest role, yet she provides a terrific and enthusiastic performance that steals the show. She is both innocent and mischievous, and she enjoys irritating her attractive elder sister. Whatever the case may be, Niwahangwa depicts the amazing closeness and relationship between siblings via adorable recollections. Fantastic performance!

In the picture, Numafung, Alok Nembang (Ojahang) plays Anupama Subba’s first husband. Alok Nembang and Anupama Subba’s amorous auro is a raw and wonderful aspect. Mr. Nembang gave a strong performance, soulfully depicting the character of a kind and loving husband. Even with his brief screen time, he has a significant impact on the story. Excellent work!

Numafung Movie Cast: Prem Subba, Anupama Subba, Niwahangma Limbu, Alok Nembang, Rammaya Tumrock, and Ramesh Singhak.

Direction & Story Telling

Numafung’s writer and director, Nabin Subba, has created a fully original and local taste-filled film for the Nepalese audience. The best element of the novel is its authentic tone and art depiction of the Limbu community’s marriage tradition. As a viewer, the film provides heartbreaking drama filled with top-notch performances by the entire cast. Raju Thapa’s cinematography and Nhyoo Bajracharya’s background soundtrack both do a phenomenal job of lighting up the screen. Would strongly recommend you to watch the movie Numafung. Numafung means “beautiful flower” in the Limbu culture and tongue. The film, like its title, is wonderful.

Numafung Movie Verdict

Numafung is a classic Limbu story told through the perspective and feelings of a creative filmmaker. The film’s superb combination of superb structure, visuals, and background score keeps you in your seat till the conclusion. It is recommended that you watch the film. You’ll enjoy it!


Numafung Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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