Paaso Movie (2022) Review: Corruption Destroys

Paaso is a thriller drama starring Rista Basnet, who is kidnapped and imprisoned in a box by unknown kidnappers. The narrative revolves around two female best friends who are abducted and forced to satisfy the sexual desires of affluent businessmen.

passo movie review

Paaso Movie Story:

Saru and Pramila (Rista Basnet and Sunisha Bajagain) are great friends who are always there for each other. They’ve been best friends since they were kids, and they’re quite proud of it. Saru is a gifted and intelligent individual, but Pramila is a conventional young lady with few ambitions.

Pramila is getting married soon and is getting ready. Saru and Pramila meet two days before her wedding since they haven’t seen one other in a long time, and Pramila also wants to send an invitation to her closest friend. Saru is abducted as they leave, but she manages to escape and is imprisoned in a garbage can.

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After witnessing all of this, the captors searched everywhere but couldn’t find Saru. Both are concerned since they agreed to provide gorgeous girls to a wealthy businessman. Kidnappers abduct Saru’s best friend, Pramila, in order to save face. Pramila is raped and murdered because she was unable to defend herself after being kidnapped. After discovering all of this, Saru decides to seek vengeance for Pramila’s murders.

Paaso Movie Cast & Performance:

Saru Adhikari, played by Rista Basnet, is a young woman who is enthusiastic about her career and her life. She has the ability to pursue whatever she wants because she comes from a wealthy family. She cares more about what she wants than about hopping over and making everyone happy. She adores her family and her best buddy, who is getting married soon. Rista plays a more serious role in the film as a lady locked in a box, and she performs well. Her tenseness and emotions endear you to the character. In the film, Rista plays a lady who is faced with her true identity. Outstanding effort.

paaso movie story

Pramila Bhujel, a middle-class girl, is played by Sunisha Bajagain. Pramila is a regular young girl with few life goals or ambitions. She only wants to marry and start a new life with her spouse. She is ecstatic since she is getting married in a few days. She’s been busy mailing out wedding invites to her friends and family. Her life takes a tragic turn before her marriage, leaving the spectator depressed. Sunisha did an outstanding job in the photos. Sunisha’s emotional viewpoint throughout the film makes her character likable. Good performance.

Ram Kumar Bastakoti takes on the role of a well-known local businessman. He has done well to keep his firm running, but he has a bad mentality – desire. Many young females must die as a result of their passion and sexual activity. Mr. Ram Kumar did his best, but his persona might have been built with greater intensity.

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In the film, Pratik Dulal and Pranav Aakash play kidnappers who commit illicit deeds for the sake of survival. These folks perform illicit acts for the top crust of society. Both performers gave it their all, but there is definitely space for improvement. The film’s cruelty will make you enraged at these characters.

Direction & Story Telling:

RB Poon, the film’s writer, and director, has done an excellent job of constructing a compelling story. The plot of the film is a typical rape and murder case, yet the characters’ journey will captivate the spectator. More of the characters were featured in voice-over, which boosted viewer interaction. The entire tale is told through the perspective of an incarcerated youngster, which makes it both entertaining and compelling. The whole Passo film crew did a fantastic job.

Movie Verdict:

RB Poon directed an intriguing film with a female lead. His character choice, Rista Basnet, has done an exceptional job of playing the assigned part with ease and comfort. Throughout the film, the audience is kept captivated by the tough and exhilarating voyage. We recommend that you watch the Paaso film.

Paaso Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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