Prasad 2 (2023) Movie Review: Life Is Challenging

In Prasad 2, Bipin Karki and Keki Adhikari play minorities fighting caste oppression in Nepal. The finest aspect of the picture is the outstanding performances given by the whole ensemble.

prasad 2 movie 2023

Prasad 2 Movie Story:

Baburam (Bipin Karki) and Narayani (Keki Adhikari), together with their son Prasad, have returned to the country after nearly a decade because they feel societal injustice has abated. They do not believe what they hear in the news, however, because the conditions and people’s prejudiced behavior remain the same. Narayani is the most vulnerable since she married a low-caste guy, Baburam.

prasad 2 movie cast

Baburam and Narayani could no longer bear the discrimination, therefore in the approaching election, Baburam intends to back a candidate who would end caste prejudice in their community. Baburam is courageous and has the proper voice to advocate for his society/people, and his people inspire him to lead the fight for their independence and equality. Narayani is concerned since his opponent in the election is a member of his own family, his brother Ajay (Mahesh Tripathi).

Ajay and his father use every trick in the book to persuade their son-in-law to withdraw his candidacy, but Baburam is too certain that it will have no effect on the societal ramifications. Ajay is attempting to buy votes from low-caste people in order to win the election, but it is failing. Ajay is worried because he believes he is losing the political game to the lower castes. When Ramesh (Arpan Thapa) arrives in the village, everything changes. Ramesh produces an earthquake in Baburam and Narayani’s lives, which has a negative influence on their political destiny.

Prasad 2 Cast & Performance:

Bipin Karki (Baburam) is a commoner from a lower caste. Baburam is a passionate and strong individual who believes in the power of positive thinking and community empowerment, regardless of caste or race. Bipin Karki produced an amazing performance in Prasad 2. He merely acts as Baburam, as he did in the previous segment. His quest and emotional outburst have a significant impact on the story. Outstanding performance.

prasad 2 movie bipin karki

Keki Adhikari (Narayani) is a lovely and serene lady who values and loves her family above everything else. Her tale inspires other minorities to be happy and to live their lives for themselves no matter what. She was raped many years ago, but she refuses to give up and works hard to reconstruct her life. Keki portrays Narayani brilliantly in the film. Her thoughts and feelings in the film leave the spectator guessing about what will happen next to her. Excellent performance!

prasad 2 movie keki adhikari

Arpan Thapa (Ramesh) is portrayed as a crafty villain in Prasad 2. Ramesh is a demon who adores both women and money. He would go to any length to achieve his heinous ambitions. When you watch Arpan’s evil act, you will be horrified and petrified. We despise movie characters and cannot picture them in real life. Arpan is an excellent choice for the film’s cast.

prasad 2 movie arpan thapa

Another important figure in the film is Mahesh Tripathi (Ajay). Ajay, Narayani’s brother, comes from a wealthy household. Narayani is dead in his eyes since she eloped with a lower caste. He craves reputation and power beyond anything else. He will forget everything in order to rule. Mahesh’s persona is both attractive and sinister. His performance in the film both ignites and extinguishes every action. Outstanding work!

Direction & Story Telling:

Sudarshan Thapa, the film’s director, has worked tirelessly to maximize the film’s potential. According to the writer, the director has invited the top actors and actresses to the set, which fires the show. The narrative of the film might be improved and geared up in certain ways, but it is a fantastic endeavor by the filmmaker to create a wonderful film to watch. This is a classic example of intolerance that must be eradicated.

Movie Verdict:

Prasad 2 may appeal to fans of social dramas. The film stars notable Nepalese actors and actresses who poured their hearts and souls into making the greatest film possible. You may also see Keki Adhikari and Bipin Karki’s undeniable love bond. You’ll enjoy it.

Prasad 2 Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐/ 5


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