Pujar Sarki (2024) Movie Review: Empowering Picture

Pujar Sarki movie addresses a significant matter that impacts Nepal’s lower caste and minority people. Pradeep Khadka’s performance is the crowning glory of the entire film.

pujar sarki 2024

Pujar Sarki Movie Story

Pujar (Aryan Sigdel) loves Maiya (Anjana Baraili), whereas Maita Bahadur (Pradeep Khadka) loves Gaumaya (Parikshya Limbu). Both the pair are really in love and want to marry to become one. They, however, struggle to convert their marriage to love because of caste disparity, i.e., lower and upper caste.

pujar sarki movie

Pujar is a high-class person who works as a priest in the temple. Furthermore, he wishes to empower the local community to end caste prejudice, but his people are hesitant to comply with his standards. On the other side, Maita Bahadur wishes to marry Gaumaya, but Gaumaya’s father (Prem Subba) prefers that her daughter marry someone from his own caste. Pujar and Maita Bahadur’s relationship suffers greatly as a result of caste prejudice and thinking differences in the community.

Pujar Sarki Movie Cast & Performance

Aryan Sigdel portrays the protagonist role Pujar in the film Pujar Sarki. Pujar is shown as a literate individual who loves knowledge and intelligence above everything else. While the rest of the group concentrates entirely on caste and race, he focuses on humanity and solitude inside the community. Even though he is from the higher caste group and has strong religious beliefs, he respects all castes and persons equally. His family and people, however, pose a significant danger to his efforts to eliminate prejudice between high and lower castes. Despite being a Brahmin, he falls in love with a lower-caste woman, making his performance more difficult and exciting to witness. His guts to speak out against the community and stand up for his love distinguishes his performance. In the movie, Aryan Sigdel plays an innocent and intelligent character. The love connection between Aryan and Anjali Baraili is captivating to see. Despite being an erudite Brahmin, he is unable to find the love of his life, which saddens the audience. In all of these scenes, Aryan delivers a great and compassionate performance that shines brilliantly on film.

pujar sarki movie aryan sigdel

Maita Bahadur, played by Pradeep Khadka, is another prominent character in the film Pujar Sarki. Maita is a confused and insecure person who lacks the willpower to achieve anything on his own. He is having difficulty finding the love of his life since he comes from a low-caste village. During the auspicious occasion, he performs a musical instrument in the local temple; otherwise, he works in the house or spends time with his life relationship, Gaumaya. Pradeep Khadka plays a humorous role in the film and is the highlight of the film. His dialogue delivery, acting, emotions, and attitude on the big screen keep the audience interested throughout the film. When he appeared on screen, the audience frequently laughed. Pradeep Khadka’s spectacular performance lit up the silver screen. Fans went berserk at the theater during Pradeep Khadka’s brilliant performance in Pujar Sarki.

Pujar Sarki Movie 2024

Paul Shah is seen portraying another vital role, Meghraj, who fights for freedom and equality for all castes. Meghraj is a bright and intellectual individual who understands how to set things right. He joins the political party to effect change for his people but fails to run as he promises. He even recalls his father, who strived to alter society but died in the war. Afterward, Meghraj continually battled against society and the system to end caste inequality. Paul Shah delivers outstanding performances in the film Pujar Sarki. As an aggressive and cruel figure, his drive for change makes people sympathetic since he struggles so much. After many years, Paul Shah returns to the film, and his beautiful performance is enjoyable to behold.

pujar sarki movie 2024 Anjana Baraili

Anjana Baraili plays Maiya, a woman from the lower caste society. Maiya is Pujar’s love interest in the movie. Both love one other, but they are unable to express themselves in society due to caste differences. As a result, they love in private, and marriage is extremely tough to achieve. Anjana Baraili and Aryal Sigdel share the screen for the first time, and they both look stunning. Anjana has done her best to live up to the persona. She fully justifies the character. As viewers, we have pity for her. Anjana Baraili’s amazing performance makes her both charming and cry-worthy.

pujar sarki movie 2024 Parikshya Limbu

Parikshya Limbu plays the character Gaumaya, Pradeep Khadka’s love interest. Gaumaya is a stunning Magar lady who is ready to marry. She lives with her father, and her dad wants her to marry Lahure, but she is in love with Maita Bahadur. Maita’s low caste status jeopardizes their love and marriage prospects. Parikshya Limbu has given an outstanding first performance. Her facial expressions and expressive viewpoint captivate the viewer. It’s just the beginning; she’ll shine brilliantly in her upcoming flicks. We wish Parikshya Limbu all the best.

Pujar Sarki Movie Cast: Aryan Sigdel, Pradeep Khadka, Paul Shah, Anjana Baraili, Parikshya Limbu, Prem Subba, Lokendra Lekhak, Mohan Niraula, Subash Gajurel, Tara Sharma, Bidhya Karki, Shankar Acharya, Basant Bhatta, Govind Raman Parajuli, Rajesh Bishural, Raju Gyabak, and Sonam Hayolmo.

Direction & Story Telling

Dinesh Raut perfectly directs the film Pujar Sarki, which has become well-known among Nepalese viewers. He has raised a widespread issue in Nepalese culture that must be eradicated permanently; nevertheless, many are hesitant to make a change. He has brilliantly presented the tale, and the celebrity cast’s performance adds an exciting sense to the storytelling. Bikash Subedi has developed a stunning plot and screenplay for the film Pujar Sarki. The plotlines are simple, yet the notion appeals to the general public. Conflicts and subplots also help to generate a strong narrative. Aryan Sigdel, Pradeep Khadka, and Paul Shah make their collaborative appearance in Pujar Sarki. All three stars worked well together and delivered powerful performances. We were really impressed with Pradeep Khadka’s performance. Rajesh Shrestha’s camerawork nicely portrays the Kaski rural community. The visual components used by the art director are also significant works in the film. Overall, Pujar Sarki is a terrific watch with an uplifting social message.

Pujar Sarki Movie Verdict

Pujar Sarki is a social drama film that encourages individuals in terms of caste prejudice and demonstrates why such concerns must be abolished from society. Dinesh Raut has brilliantly comprehended the societal issue and conveyed his ideas on film. Audiences empathize with each individual as we follow the characters’ journey, notably Pradeep Khadka and Anjana Baraili. If you’re searching for a social drama film with excellent acting, Pujar Sarki is the one for you. You will enjoy it.


Pujar Sarki Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/ 5


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