Saili (2019) Movie Review: Love Heals Everything

Saili is a romantic fiction drama featuring a country couple who are struggling to pay off their loan. Menuka Pradhan and Gaurav Pahara deliver outstanding portrayals in the flick.

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Saili Movie Story

Saili (Menuka Pradhan) and Pitambar (Gaurav Pahari) fall in love in a small village in Nepal. They meet on the riverbank by chance, and Pitambar falls in love with Saili at first sight. They slowly begin dating each other, and their love tale unfolds. When Saili’s father, Furtiman (Maotse Gurung) discovers their connection, he looks for an affluent person for his daughter.

saili movie review

Pitambar takes the bold decision to elope with Saili after hearing the truth about Furtiman’s decision. Following their marriage, an old difficulty starts troubling: Pitambar’s father, Padam Thapa, borrowed money from Saili’s father. Now, Furtiman is poking Padam Thapa to pay back his debt otherwise he would take legal action against Padam. This one financial issue will affect everyone’s life situation ahead.

Saili Movie Cast Performance

Gaurav Pahari plays the lead character Pitambar Thapa. Pitambar is shown as a charming character who values his best buddy, wife, and booze above everything else. Pitambar is a jobless villager who does home chores and lives a normal life with his best friend. However, when he falls in love with Saili, he realizes the importance of money in supporting his family and repaying creditors. Gaurav Pahari’s performance in the film exemplifies the character Pitambar perfectly. When he plays the drunk guy, he captures the audience’s attention on film. Gaurav and Menuka have great chemistry as a lovely village couple. Gaurav Pahari’s performance is one of the best thus far.

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Menuka Pradhan portrays the key role, Saili. Saili is a kind and entertaining character. She enjoys doing household tasks and exploring the village and market with her best buddy. When she meets Pitambar Thapa, her romantic interest, she spends the majority of her time with him. They enjoy a beautiful bond that is both gorgeous and flirtatious. When her father discovers her passionate affair, he attempts to marry her off to a wealthy family, but she elopes with Pitambar, dramatically altering her future. Menuka Pradhan delivered an outstanding performance in the film Saili. Her character symbolizes the power of real love. Her dramatic and endearing sacrifices in the movie cause the audience to cry in the theater. Fans enjoy her flirty relationship with Gaurav Pahari and her struggles with her husband’s family loans. Menuka’s captivating performance captures the hearts of his admirers.

saili movie dayahang rai

Dayahang Rai is seen as the character Birman. The character Birman is Pitambar’s best friend. In the film, he portrays a comedy figure who is both funny and lovable. He is energetic and prioritizes self-respect above anything else. He understands the relationship and offers his pal good relationship counsel. His advice elicits both excitement and trepidation, which is a delight to witness in the theatre. Dayahang Rai’s performance in the film Saili is enjoyable to watch. His hilarious acts and words make the audience laugh every time he appears on film. He gives good counsel to others but suffers with his relationship, which is sad, but his efforts are enjoyable. His psychological conversations are also insightful and convey a positive message and motivation. Dayahang Rai, a supporting role, rocks the theater with his powerpack performance.

Direction & Story Telling

The movie Saili was written and directed by Ram Babu Gurung. The film’s creators want to highlight the challenges that rural residents face and why they are forced to relocate overseas in search of work. The director has kept the film’s plot uncomplicated and given fans a blend of entertaining aspects. As the film progresses, it thoroughly captivates the audience with the flow of the narration and performances. All of the characters in the film Saili deliver outstanding performances that keep the film alive and appealing. Overall, Ram Babu Gurung’s presentation and directing grabbed the hearts of the audience.

Movie Verdict

The social drama picture Saili is a lovely experience to see in theaters. Menuka Pradhan and Gaurav Pahari’s charming and hilarious chemistry is one of the film’s highlights. If you appreciate family social dramas with a core element of comedy, the Saili film is for you. Go get the movie; you’ll adore it.


Saili Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐/ 5


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