Samhalinchha Kahile Mann (2022) Movie Review

The movie, Samhalinchha Kahile Mann depicts the journey of three closest friends who meet by coincidence and treasure their unique friendship. Sonam Topden makes a stunning film debut in Nepali cinema with his amazing performance.

Samhalinchha Kahile Mann

Samhalinchha Kahile Mann Movie Story

Shreeya (Pooja Sharma) lives happily with her parents in the heart of the United Kingdom. She recently completed her education and applied for a position at a well-known company. In the meanwhile, she is visiting her parents in the gorgeous lakes of the United Kingdom. Roman (Sonam Topden) took a couple of shots of them while they were having fun. They enjoy the photo when he shows it to them. They have a lovely talk and subsequently have a lovely friendship. Following that encounter, Roman and Shreeya begin spending valuable time together, bonding more like best friends.

While walking to his workplace one day, Sheeya requests Satish (Aakash Shrestha) for a lift. Both work for the same firm and begin spending quality time with one other. Later, Shreeya, Roman, and Satish become great friends and begin spending valuable time together. When Shreeya’s family begins to plan their daughter’s marriage to Satish, the three friends have a complicated relationship.

Samhalinchha Kahile Mann Movie Cast

Pooja Sharma plays a jovial character who appreciates being in the moment with his best friends. She has given her everything for her portrayal in the film; yet, fans anticipate a bit more from her character because the majority of the plot is told through narration by the character. The audience will like her on-screen connection with Sonam Topden, which is new and lovely.

Sonam Topden had an impressive film debut with Samhalinchha Kahile Mann. His admirers will enjoy his performance and acting profession after seeing him perform. Sonam plays Pooja Sharma’s love interest in the film, but the sad events in the romance chapter are a touch confusing, resulting in a teary moment in the theater. As a spectator, we sympathize with Sonam’s character since he is unable to be with the love of his life. He has done his best in portraying an upbeat character, however he has to work on the dialogue delivery. We are confident that he will improve in his forthcoming films. Amazing job!

Samhalinchha Kahile Mann Pooja sharma

Aakash Shrestha is seen as an affluent businessman’s kid who is nice and hard-working in character. He performed a decent performance in the film. While attending to his business, he recalls the love scene with Pooja Sharma. The connection between Aakash and Pooja is enjoyable, but the audience expects more drama and tensions between the characters throughout the love period of the film. Aakash’s fans will enjoy his performance in the film.

Direction & Story Telling

Sudarshan Thapa, the film’s director, Samhalinchha Kahile Mann, has presented an enjoyable movie to his audiences. Mr. Thapa, who enjoys crafting love dramas, has released another film starring Pooja Sharma. The film’s creators attempted to offer moviegoers a sad romantic film. From a production standpoint, the film requires more improvisation in the screenplay, as the majority of the important moments are recounted from Pooja’s point of view. Furthermore, the film requires more demanding character arcs, conflicts, and storylines to keep people involved with the flow of the picture. Nonetheless, the film contains amazing music and gorgeous visuals. You’ll like it at the theater.

Movie Verdict

Samhalinchha Kahile Mann’s creators attempt to produce a unique tragic romantic love narrative film. Pooja Sharma, Akash Shrestha, and Sonam Topden have amazing chemistry in the film, which fans will love. Furthermore, the film contains stunning musical numbers and visuals that will delight your eyes. Overall, if you appreciate romantic films, Samhalinchha Kahile Mann is a good pick.

Samhalinchha Kahile Mann Movie Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ / 5


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