Talakjung vs Tulke (2015) Movie Review: Love & Politics Ruined It All | Khagendra Lamichhane | Reecha Sharma | Dayahang Rai

Talakjung vs. Tulke is a Nepalese romantic drama set during Nepal’s Maoist civil war. Unlike any previous Nepali film set during Nepal’s Maoist civil war, the film depicts how the civil conflict has impacted Nepalese society’s lifestyle. Low-income individuals suffer the most when political disputes and high-income people clash.

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The film Talakjung vs Tulke progresses slowly and methodically, yet it never loses our attention. The character growth is spot-on with proper story development. The film takes place during Nepal’s Maoist civil conflict. Tulke (Khagendra Lamichhane), the film’s lone protagonist, does not consider himself smaller than anybody. Tulke is a hopeless romantic person who is madly in love with Fuli (Reecha Sharma), a laborer working for (Prakash Ghimire) alongside Suke, but she refuses to recognize his feelings for her.

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Tulke’s behavior in Talakjung vs Tulke remained infantile during the civil war when each citizen was forced to choose whether or not to join the revolution. When Tukle was kicked out of the community, he headed off towards Kathmandu with just vengeance in mind. In Kathmandu, he joins a gang boss who befriends him and assists him in adjusting to city life. Tulke is taught the techniques and practices of a gangster by the gang boss, and the character quickly changes. Tulke is trapped alone in the city after an unpleasant occurrence, and he chooses to return to the countryside.

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The casting for the picture is superb. One of the film’s many memorable performances is Rabindra Singh Baniya’s unpleasant part, which he performs masterfully. Reecha Sharma portrayed Fuli, Khagendra Lamichhane as Tulke, Rabindra Singh Baniya played Binay, Prakash Ghimire as Babu Raja, Shushank Mainali as Suke, Dayahang Rai roled in as Gang Leader Syagi, and Buddhi Tamang played Hanuman. Aside from the principal players, Nischal Basnet’s role as a police officer was the cherry on top.

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The Talakjung vs Tulke movie’s sound is fantastic. The scene is elevated by the pin-drop quiet. There was incessant bug chirping at night scenes, which hinted at the coming disaster. The outfits are all accurate, making the film feel more real.

Nischal Basnet, the director, and writer Khagendra Lamichhane’s performance in Talakjung vs Tulke is an amazing job once again (the director-writer pair). Nischal Basnet, has given Khagendra Lamichhane’s work a good meaning. While we applaud the director and writer, we must also recognize cinematographer Sher Bahadur Lama for his outstanding job. Sher Bahadur Lama created a work of art by utilizing the camera to its full potential and placing a cherry on top of a cake. Throughout the film, the images were skillfully employed to define a specific mood. The film was primarily set during the day, emphasizing cheerfulness and happiness throughout.

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Overall, the film Talakjung vs Tulke is a great work of art that will only help the Nepalese entertainment industry grow. It’s an absolute joy to see. The film is well worth every cash and second, we spent on it, and it surely merits the attention it is receiving. Furthermore, the premise of the film is reinforced by a superb cast and directing.

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