The Best Nepali Movies of 2024: Fantastic Flicks

The Nepalese movie makers created amazing Nepali films for 2024, which thoroughly satisfied Nepalese viewers in the theaters. Pictures feature Mahajatra, which gathered the greatest crowds and remained among the highest-grossing films. Numerous motion pictures, such as The Red Suitcase, Gaun Aayeko Bato, Boksi Ko Ghar, and more, impressed the audience with their cinematic experiences and creative thinking. The Nepali motion picture industry has experienced an absolutely wonderful year.

Boksi Ko Ghar Movie Shupala Sapkota

Gaun Aayeko Bato

Maila (Dayahang Rai) is a skilled bamboo basket weaver in the movie Gaun Aayeko Bato. When an access road to their community opens, what appears to be an advantage quickly turns into a series of unexpected challenges as new and better services and technology arrive. Malia and Maili must deal with life’s obstacles in a world that is changing quicker than they can adapt.

gaun aayeko bato

Nabin Subba, the creator and producer of the film Gaun Aayeko Bato, returns to his next venture after nearly two decades, and the wait is worthwhile. Mr. Subba, as a filmmaker, has given Nepali audiences a true jewel. In terms of writing, Mahesh Rai and Nabin Subba provide audiences with a simple story that touches their heartstrings. The creator has expertly focused on building genuine characters, leading us on a fascinating journey. Gaun Aayeko Bato is an indispensable film for all viewers since it features outstanding acting, spectacular visuals, and an intriguing story.

Boksi Ko Ghar

The film Boksi Ko Ghar tells the story of a superstitious village in which a lady is abused due to mistaken beliefs. Keki Adhikari and Shupala Sapkota shine well across the film. The writer/director of the motion picture Boksi Ko Ghar, Sulakshyan Bharati, presents Nepalese audiences with a compelling and intriguing story. The idea is basic, but his delivery and narrative keep the audience engaged as the movie progresses. Even in the twenty-first century, the video depicts stupid and immoral people in rural regions who believe in witchcraft.

Boksi Ko Ghar Movie Review

The film depicts Sulakshyan Bharati and Keki Adhikari’s incredible determination to remove the Boksi practice. Boksi Ko Ghar’s cast performances, stunning visual arts, background soundtrack, and editing keep spectators on the edge of their seats. Absolutely, fantastic film that you ought to see.

Pujar Sarki

Pujar Sarki’s film covers a critical issue that affects Nepal’s lower caste and minority populations. Pradeep Khadka’s performance is the film’s centerpiece. Dinesh Raut directed the movie Pujar Sarki. He has identified a pervasive flaw in Nepalese society that must be completely removed; however, many people are unwilling to embrace improvements. He has effectively told the story, and the prominent cast’s performances give an exciting element to the narration.

pujar sarki movie 2024

Bikash Subedi created a wonderful plot and screenplay for the film Pujar Sarki. The plotlines are simple, yet the concept resonates with a broad audience. Disputes and sub-plots also contribute to a compelling tale. Pujar Sarki features a collaboration between Aryan Sigdel, Pradeep Khadka, and Paul Shah. All three superstars performed jointly well and had strong performances. If you’re looking for a social drama with outstanding acting, Pujar Sarki is a great choice for you.

Farki Farki

Farki Farki is a one-of-a-kind time-loop romance picture that has the audience laughing and falling in love continuously. Anmol KC delivered his best performance as Maddy in the film. Suyog Gurung accomplished an amazing job writing and directing the movie Farki Farki. As a director, he created an exclusive film for Nepali audiences that combines a time loop premise with a romantic comedy. He focuses on a basic narrative with fantastic entertainment components that keep viewers interested throughout the film.

farki farki movie review

The film’s visuals are stunning. Every frame in the movie, shot by Narendra Mainali, is sumptuous and visually enticing, like an actual gemstone in your gaze. The director and cinematographer collaborate closely to produce an outstanding visual experience. The maker is able to cast wonderful actors, and each of them delivers excellent performances during the duration of the movie. Farki Farki is a complete entertainment package that you should not miss.

The Red Suitcase

The Red Suitcase film concentrates on the tragic issue of minorities hurting as a result of ineffective and uncontrolled government initiatives. Fidel Devkota’s beautiful movies offer a new cinematic dimension to Nepalese viewers, with gripping performances by Saugat Malla, Prabin Khatiwada, Shristi Shrestha, and Bipin Karki. This movie portrays a familiar narrative about Nepal’s suffering working-class people, but the creative filmmakers have highlighted every aspect of bringing it to the big screen. Mr. Devkota has ventured beyond of his familiar territory to discover challenging intellectual cinematic pearls. The film prioritizes visual storytelling over syntax.

The Red Suitcase Movie Review

The screenplay is written in reaction to a necessity, yet the innovative direction culminates in an incredible dramatic ending. Sushan Prajapati’s cinematography in The Red Suitcase is the project’s standout feature. Mr. Sushan totally agrees with Fidel Devkota’s narrative idea. Saman Alvitigala’s film editing technique is unique and captivating. The scenes in the film give viewers with an exhilarating experience. The filmmakers have worked tirelessly to challenge themselves and present audiences with excellent innovative films.


The Mahajatra film raised issues about unemployment and governance, as well as how bribery and illicit behavior stifle society’s progress and innocent citizens. Bipin Karki and Hari Bansha Acharya shine vividly through their outstanding actions. Pradip Bhattarai directed and scripted the film Mahajatra. The finest feature of the picture is the director’s understanding of what theatergoers want. The director gives the Nepalese audience an emotional experience that involves both giggling and weeping.

mahajatra movie review

The script and characterization arcs in the picture, as well as the main characters who drive the plot along, are brilliantly-written. With its engaging narrative and superb acting, the Mahajatra film holds spectators’ attention throughout its length. However, the film’s finale may have been improvised during production. The film also displays a lovely and sweet relationship between Bipin Karki, Rabindra Singh Baniya, and Rabindra Jha, which is a delightful experience. Mahajatra is an excellent film to see if you want to laugh a lot.

Agastya (Chapter 1)

Agastya (Chapter 1) is one of this year’s top thrilling suspenseful action films. Saugat Malla delivers outstanding action and emotive acts throughout the film. Saurav Chaudhary directed and wrote the motion picture Agastya (Chapter 1). Mr. Saaurav’s views and perspectives on making a fantastic action picture are transparent throughout the film. The filmmaker made no concessions in making such an amazing picture for Nepalese audiences. The film’s narrative is superbly conceived and beautifully executed in production.

agastya movie saugat malla

The film’s action moments are at its center, capturing the audience’s attention. The action director, Shree Shrestha, has done an outstanding job of producing nail-biting action scenes, notably with Saugat Malla and Najir Husan. Sanjay Lama captured both the psychological and athletic settings in an aesthetically beautiful manner. Suprim Parajuli’s dramatic tones and hues throughout the film depict both the incredible character development and the characters’ moods and emotions. Agastya’s strongest elements are the character arc design, costume design, actor performances, and background soundtrack.


Upendra Subba, a director, has masterfully constructed the film Mansarra. Miruna Magar, Praveen Khatiwada, and Menuka Pradhan give fascinating performances throughout the film. Following the huge success of Jaari, Mr. Subba brings another intriguing film to his audience. The director examined two opposing storylines in the film: the growth of an independent single mother and the common problem of infertility in married couples. While dealing with such serious subjects, the creator does not hesitate to explain each individual vividly, showing their connections and troubles.

Mansarra Movie Review

The script and interaction are both touching and fascinating to watch in the theater. Viewers will relate to Menuka Pradhan and Miruna Magar’s narrative arcs; while they are both very distinct, their jaw-dropping acts will have you giggle and weep at times. Above all, the audience anticipates more screen time for Dayahang Rai and Miruna, including how their love story began and what happened to Dayahang after he moved to another region and went contactless. Overall, Mansarra is a good movie to watch.


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