Tulkee (2023) Movie Review: The Polygamy Tradition

Tulkee depicts the narrative of Nepal’s polygamous Himalayan civilization. Swostima Karki is a polygamist victim who is forced to marry three spouses at the same time.

tulkee movie 2023

Tulkee Movie Story:

Tulkee was born and raised in the hills of Nepal. Unfortunately, her mother died while she was a child. Her father reared her appropriately and cherished her. Her father had wished for a son for a long time, but it had remained a pipe dream. She had always been responsible for the house and her family.

Tulkee’s father needed someone to take care of him in his old age, so he married another woman his own age. She is dissatisfied with her father’s decision, but she has little option but to accept reality. Her birth is unimportant to her father since the girl will have to travel after marriage. When she heard such obnoxious comments, she remembered her mother.

While performing chores one day, Tulkee notices her lower body clothing is splattered with scarlet blood. She had never seen such conduct before and inquired about it with the local ladies. She then realizes she has entered her adolescent years. Throughout her menstrual period, she is obligated by tradition to reside in the designated ‘Chaau Goata’ region.

tulkee movie review

On her way to her residence one day, Tulkee meets Sangee from another Tibetan community. Sangee is on his way to the market with his brother and friends to sell the herbs and buy the necessary supplies. Sangee and Tulkee were smitten at first sight. She harbors no romantic feelings for Sangee. He proposed marriage to her, but she declined. Sangee kidnaps Tulkee and demands her marriage as a result. Tulkee and Sangee are experiencing a great deal of difficulty and turmoil at this point in their life as they confront their unfavorable society and practice known as polygamy.

Tulkee Movie Cast & Performance:

Swostima Karki (Tulkee) has worked tirelessly on the project. Because the whole film revolves around Swostima, her performance elicits sympathy for her character and her journey through the film. As viewers, we can’t help but feel her anguish as she becomes entangled in polygamy society. The spectator wants to assassinate the builder of such a stupid culture.

Shisir Bangdel (Pala) has three sons named Sangee, Chewang, and Urgen. He practices Buddhism and is well-liked in society. As the head of the home, he controls everything so effectively – he is bubbling with leadership abilities. Mr. Shishir had an outstanding performance in the film, bringing the role to life.

In the film, Naren Moktan (Sangee) plays Tulkee’s love interest and spouse. Mr. Naren has made an effort to raise up the persona. He comes from a family in which his voice is not heard since he is the youngest. This is one of the most distraught characters, and he tries but fails to set things right. Audiences are moved to tears as they follow his journey.

Direction & Story Telling:

The filmmakers planned to bring ancient Nepalese folklore to life but got sidetracked. Dev Thapa, the film’s director, falls short in creating a better plot and character arcs for the characters, which would have hastened the viewing experience. The writer, Laxman Sunar, has given plenty of room for development and storyboarding. Sushil Adhikari and Namaraj Ghimire captured stunning detail of Nepal’s Himalayas and mountains. If properly storified, Tulkee might be an uncommon picture.

Movie Verdict:

The production team’s intention was to convey a traditional Nepalese narrative, which is a fine start; yet, the film feels unfinished. The film’s plot is raw, but it’s badly acted, with few confrontations, and the viewer loses interest.

Tulkee Movie Rating: ⭐⭐ / 5


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